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Discover Flexpower Soothe

It's a new era for all of us. Reward your 2021 resolve with a new Flexpower experience. Arnica, echinacea, CBD, and more of nature's most powerful healers combine for a unique sensation. You've never felt anything like this.

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The Original Flexpower Warm

It’s been the best kept secret in pro locker rooms for years. Experience true pain relief that eases muscles and loosens joints for every game, every activity, everything that gets you moving.

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“Everything we’ve created is about feeling good, no matter what part of the day it is, no matter what activity you’re doing. I am empowered and inspired every time I hear stories from people saying how this product works for them.”

- Rasheen Smith, Founder


Our Bath Salt Experience

We’ve taken the tried and true healing properties of Epsom salt and sea salt and enhanced it with Arnica, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, and lime. They’re not just baths, they’re rewards.

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Our mission is to get more people to feel good on a daily basis.

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