Rasheen Smith

Founder & Head of Product

Founder Rasheen Smith

The idea of Flexpower was planted in Rasheen through his love of sports. His passion for building innovative, progressive companies brought it to life. 

Rasheen has spent over 18 years operating and advising startup companies on product development, brand strategy, and growth. He founded Flexpower Health in 2000, and has nurtured it into a global wellness brand that helps elite athletes train and recover around the world—while also giving everyone the pain relief and self-care products they need to tackle their everyday activities and interests. No matter what they are.  

Rasheen is also a General Partner with Concrete Ventures, an aggregate of world-class athletes, influencers, and business leaders investing in transformative companies and initiatives. 

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and a graduate of University of California at Berkeley with a degree in economics, Rasheen and his family now reside in Oakland.