How FlexPower Works

[testimonials_ctn style=”rd_tm_5″][testimonial_sc image=”8763″ author=”Laura Spencer” a_info=”Pro Cyclist & Runner”] “After I go for a long, hard bike ride, the gradual heat of FlexPower makes my muscles feel the recovery process in action. I love the clean scent after a day riding in the dirt!” [/testimonial_sc][/testimonials_ctn]
[testimonials_ctn style=”rd_tm_5″][testimonial_sc image=”7782″ author=”Jason Kidd” a_info=”Former NBA All-Star”]”I would always rub FlexPower on like lotion to get my whole body warm and get loose. You really do feel the heat inside.”[/testimonial_sc][/testimonials_ctn]

You deserve a pain relief cream that works

Most pain relief creams merely provide a heating or cooling sensation on top of the skin to give the impression of relief. FlexPower’s technology provides a soothing warmth while simultaneously penetrating the skin to provide relief where you need it most

Relief Icon

Pain Relief

A proprietary blend of ingredients including trolamine salicylate, MSM & glucosamine for unparalleled effectiveness and everyday relief.

Gradual Heat icon1-01

Gradual Heat

Heat therapy is a well-known remedy to help ease muscular pain, and reduce soreness and inflammation. Also a popular tool for warming up before exercise.


Skin Delivery Technology

Advanced skin delivery system provides optimal penetration of ingredients through the skin giving you long lasting, targeted relief directly to the source.

Clean scent icon1

Clean Refreshing Scent

 “Clean scent” capture that just stepped out of the shower freshness. It settles on your skin naturally and is not heavy or pretentious. No stinky odor whatsoever.



Luxurious, lightweight texture feels great on your skin and won’t stain your clothes. Oil-free and moisturizing, just as smooth as your favorite lotion.

Natural Arnica Icon

Natural Ingredients

NEW homeopathic formula enriched with arnica and infused with vitamins, aloe, MSM, glucosamine and green tea. All of our products are paragon free.

Our technology advantage

Targeted pain relief at the source

FlexPower was scientifically developed to address two main things: 1. To provide more than just the warming and cooling on top of the skin 2. We know some people just don’t like taking pills

FlexPower’s ingredients are encapsulated within a liposomal membrane and carried to soft tissue and joint areas. We call this unique technology Flex-Somes™. These microscopic capsules penetrate through the skin to provide long lasting relief without skin irritation. #GoDeep

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Here are a few examples of how people use our product. In most cases, applying a dime size amount to the targeted area is all you need.

[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”ma-exercise2″ i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”Pre-Activity Warm Up” t_color=”#222533″] Massage onto muscles and joints 10-30 mins before activity to warm up. No matter what your workout consist of, applying FlexPower may help to ease your muscles and make your workout more enjoyable. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”place-sunbathing1″ i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”Recovery After Workouts & Exercise” t_color=”#222533″] Apply FlexPower to sore or injured areas immediately after activity and again after showering or bathing. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”ion-ios7-people” i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain” t_color=”#222533″] Apply FlexPower up to 3-4 times a day to ease arthritis and annoying muscle and joint pain. Keep it by your bedside to use first thing in the morning and before sleep. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”draw-house80″ i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”Before Jobs Around the House” t_color=”#222533″] Apply FlexPower to your back, shoulders, hands and knees just prior to working in the yard or cleaning around the house. You’ll not only feel better but FlexPower may help to ease stiffness. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”ma-personal” i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”Patient Care / On the Training Table” t_color=”#222533″] Most conditions that are treated by ultrasound and massage involve patient pain. FlexPower can be used to enhance ultrasound and massage therapy. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”11″ mb=”40″ icon=”bk-suitcase-2″ i_color=”#21c2f8″ title=”On the Job” t_color=”#222533″] Keep FlexPower at your desk so that you can massage the cream before work and on breaks. FlexPower can help to relieve neck, shoulder and back tension and/or stiffness that results from moderate lifting or working at your desk for sustained periods of time. [/iconbox]

Try FlexPower today!

Ideal Pain Relief. Safe. Effective. Free of side effects. Visit our testimonials page to see how others are benefitting from daily use of FlexPower.

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