Eric Alt

Content Director

Content Director Eric Alt

If it’s something that can be written, odds are at one time or another, Eric has written it. 

Eric has had an eclectic career as a writer, editor, and content producer, working with iconic names in journalism, entertainment, fashion, PR, and advertising including NBC, Tommy Hilfiger, Team Coco, Fast Company, The Clio Awards, and Launchsquad. 

As a writer and editor, Eric’s work has appeared in publications ranging from Fast Company, Men’s Journal, NBC, Cosmopolitan, Mental Floss, WIRED, Nylon and many others. He helped launch Attack of the Show on the G4 Network as the live daily show’s first head writer (and occasional stunt panda). Eric created the original content publication platform “The Muse” for the Clio Awards, and wrote show scripts and promotional material for the venerable advertising brand while serving as its Editorial Director. 

A graduate of Boston University, Eric is usually trying to stay active with his wife and two children.